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Thursday, 2024-02-29
12:38The Era of 1-bit LLMs: All Large Language Models are in 1.58 Bits
12:32Streamlining Customer Support with Ludwig: A Low-code framework for building custom AI models
12:10Treading the LLM Labyrinth: A Comprehensive Guide to Open-Source LLMs and Beyond
12:01Survey on Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
12:01Web Scraping With 5 Different Methods: All You Need to Know
12:00Your Product + AI
11:41Beyond chatbots: Expanding business horizons with Large Language Models
10:46Yesterday Copilot massive Bot Supremacy Claim and the ChatGPT Bug!
09:55Choose the Right Large Language Model (LLM) for Your Product
09:36Creating Any Text with ChatGPT
09:36Browser recording to AI replay
09:14Mixtral-8x7B: Pioneering the Future of AI with Sparse Mixture-of-Experts
09:02Integrating Vector Databases with LLMs: A Hands-On Guide
09:00Brown University Researchers Propose LexC-Gen: A New Artificial Intelligence Method that Generates Low-Resource-Language Classification Task Data at Scale
09:00Meet AnyGPT: Bridging Modalities in AI with a Unified Multimodal Language Model
08:55How to Find Your Place in the Gen AI Revolution
08:31Unleashing the Future: Crafting a Robust Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) System with Google’s…
08:31Unpopular Opinion: Early AI — The “Clickbait 2.0” Era
08:28Ollama and LangChain: Run LLMs locally
08:24BitNet b1.58: Revolutionizing Large Language Models with 1-bit Efficiency
08:20Streamlining Giants
08:19Detecting AI generated essays
07:52Local Coding Assistant
07:17Revolutionizing Invoice Processing: Leveraging LLMs for Effortless Extraction
06:47Revolutionizing Dashboard User Experience: How we are Utilizing TableGPT for Quick Data Crunching…
06:45Reka AI Releases Reka Flash: An Efficient and Capable State-of-the-Art 21B Multimodal Language Model
06:42Ollamac Pro — The missing native app for Ollama
06:23Hello World to CrewAI
06:21Matching HS Codes in 2024: Traversing the Customs Space
05:28What is Langchain? Explained in Everyday Langauge for AI Beginners
05:24How and Why ? Need to Build and Deploy Private Custom Chatbots
05:14The Synergy of Data Science and Generative AI: Pioneering the Future of Innovation
05:13Revolutionizing AI Interactions: Integrating Function Calling with Mistral
04:36Advanced RAG Techniques using Lamaindex-01-Pre-Retreival
04:32SEC Investigating Whether OpenAI Investors Were Misled
03:28Accelerating Self-Attentions for LLM Serving with FlashInfer
03:22Implementing Data Insights and Outlier Detection on Structured content using LLMs and Gen AI
03:20Meta AI Introduces TestGen-LLM for Automated Unit Test Improvement Using Large Language Models (LLMs)
03:13Understanding Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)
03:12A HuggingFace Datasets Alternative
03:09UC Berkeley Researchers Explore the Challenges of Subjective Queries in AI: Introducing the ConflictingQA Dataset for Enhanced Language Model Understanding
02:52Is Gemma Capable of Building Multi-agent Applications in AutoGen?
02:52Using Langchain with AWS Bedrock
02:52Astonishing 10 Metrics to Evaluate Your Large Language Model Guide
02:23Why should you train your own LLM using the LangChain framework?
01:44Uma abordagem agnóstica a LLM, DB Vector e embedding, para busca semântica
01:34The last two weeks at OpenAI
00:42Java and Gemini : A Match Made in Heaven
00:20Fine Tune mistral-7b-instruct on Predibase with Your Own Data and LoRAX
00:01Top Important LLM Papers for the Week from 19/02 to 25/02
00:00What Exactly is Sora, the Catalyst for Market Surge?
Wednesday, 2024-02-28
23:27Linguistic Might: Shaping Beliefs Using Large Language Models
23:24Beware, For I Am Fearless: How to Use BERTopic to Uncover the Hidden Trending Topics in Podcasts
23:14Testing Gemma (the open source LLM by Google) locally with Ollama (and it’s the worst!)
23:09HuggingFace Is Down
23:04The importance of AI reasoning
23:00Meet FinTral: A Suite of State-of-the-Art Multimodal Large Language Models (LLMs) Built Upon the Mistral-7B Model Tailored for Financial Analysis
22:59OpenAI Cookbook: Techniques to improve reliability
22:41The Intercept, Raw Story, and AlterNet Sue OpenAI and Microsoft
22:15Rock on with LLMs: Geological Applications
22:10Exploring the Latest Updates on Amazon Bedrock
22:05Generative AI and Large Language Models: A Comprehensive Overview
21:44Extraction Matters Most
21:35ChatGPT vs. Gemini: Unmasking the Titans of Text Generation
21:33HuggingFace Is Down
21:24Improving RAG performance — A Structured Approach (Part 6(A) of RAG Series)
20:38The Single Most Useful Technique to Write Better Python Programs for Large Language Models (LLMs)
20:32Unlocking Document Intelligence: E2E Azure-Powered Chatbot with Vector-Based Search (Part 2 — Q&A)
20:32Unlocking Document Intelligence: E2E Azure-Powered Chatbot with Vector-Based Search (Part 2 — Q&A)
20:31Unlocking Document Intelligence: E2E Azure-Powered Chatbot with Vector-Based Search (Part 1 —…
20:31Unlocking Document Intelligence: E2E Azure-Powered Chatbot with Vector-Based Search (Part 1 —…
20:23Asking Meta to stop using the term "open source" for Llama
20:13Mistral AI Unveils Mistral Large and Its Application in Conversational AI
19:58Extract Contract Details using LLM and Gen AI
19:39Cybersecurity researchers have found that it’s possible to compromise the Hugging Face Safetensors…
19:23Stop drawing your diagrams, code them instead
19:19Empowering Excel: A deep dive into Microsoft Copilot integration
19:14RAGs from scratch — Retrieval
18:58Prompt Engineering, AI, and LLMs: Part 5
18:56Text Annotation using LLM Google Gemini
18:55Prompt Engineering, AI, and LLMs: Part 8
18:54Prompt Engineering, AI, and LLMs: Part 7
18:54LLM RAG Optimization Patterns
18:53Prompt Engineering, AI, and LLMs: Part 6
18:52Retrieval augmented generation with graphs // no chunking
17:34LLM Reasoning: Prompting, Deepmind, and Decoding
17:26Ambiguity: Bridging Cognition and AI through Quantum Principles
16:33Experiments for retrieval augmented generation (RAG) with both human and machine evaluation
16:31The new AI chip that can save humans 2.76 million hours per day
16:17How I made Python EXE UI App to automate everything with Help of LLM and Code Interpreters
16:13Low Rank Adaptation (LoRA)
16:02Mistral’s new chatbot: Unpacking Le Chat’s Capabilities and Controversies
15:59[AI Chat] How to install & run Ollama in windows + wsl2
15:57Streamlining Data Annotation with Large Language Models: A Hands-On Guide
15:45How To Create A LangChain Application That Runs Locally & Offline
15:43Revolutionizing Content Creation with Langchain and CrewAI: A journey of LLM agents (Part 1)
15:30Who would like to test the 1-bit LLM?
15:27Our investment in Composable — enabling LLM adoption within enterprises
15:06CentralBankRoBERTa: an LLM for Macroeconomics
14:59Robust Agents Are All We Need: Faktory Emerges from Stealth Mode with a Private Alpha
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