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Sunday, 2024-07-21
04:42Dialogue with Claude 8
04:30How to Optimize TTFT of 8B LLMs with 1M Tokens to 20s
04:20Mathstral in action with some financial operations
04:17Getting Started with Google Gemini Embedding
04:04Technical Introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs)
03:07Demystifying Claude: How a Large Language Model AI Works
02:51MoRA: Enabling High-Rank Updating on Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning
02:43ZebraLogic: A Logical Reasoning AI Benchmark Designed for Evaluating LLMs with Logic Puzzles
01:22CodeStral Mamba: The Ultimate Lightweight Coding Assistant by Mistral
01:02Automating Test Driven Development with LLMs
Saturday, 2024-07-20
23:58Breaking Barriers: How DeepL’s New AI Model is Improving Translations
23:36PSA: Using the ChatGPT action button shortcut on iOS bypasses lock screen
23:35AI’s Next Leap Forward: About Zscale Labs™  Zscale Labs™ is a leading provider of advanced AI…
23:29A Brief Introduction of Large Language Models (LLMs)
22:575 Data Annotation Secrets That Will Supercharge Your AI
22:00Qu’est-ce que les RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) ?
21:31Sentiment Analysis with LLM
21:10Mastering Prompt Engineering: Insights from WeAreDevelopers Conference 2024
20:54Mistral NeMo: the 12B Language Model by Mistral and NVIDIA
20:40AI Weekly Summary July 14th to July 21st 2024: OpenAI is working on an AI codenamed “Strawberry”…
20:16AI, Ecological Civilization, and the Difference between Human and Algorithmic Intelligence
19:50Bedrock of Language Models — Vector Embeddings, Visualised.
19:20Multimodal LLMs on a Mac M1: A Quick Test
19:03Impacts of Retrieval Augmented Generation
18:41Show HN: Live Demo of GraphRAG with GPT-4o mini
18:30[Rust] Serving Llama 3 Quantized (GGUF) on GPU with Candle-RS and Tide
18:29Prompt Engineering 101
17:44Better reasoning with augmented generation // Reasoning + RAG
17:07Integrate Google Search to chat bot using LangGraph
16:34DeepSeek-V2-0628 Released: An Improved Open-Source Version of DeepSeek-V2
16:15LoRA: A Groundbreaking Fine-Tuning Method for LLMs
15:57Crafting Structured JSON Responses: Ensuring Consistent Output from any LLM
15:54RAG: Retrieval Augmented Generation — Busted
15:41Integrate Llama3 with AWS SageMaker and Lambda
15:26GenAI Security and Safety for Dummies
15:22Leveraging Google Colab GPU Instances for Running LLM Pretrained Models with Retrieval-Augmented…
15:12Unleashing the Power of Open-Source AI: A Rebellious Act for Freedom
15:03Mamba-Codestral-7B-v0.1 | LLM Explorer Blog
15:02Planning for Agents
14:49Top 10 Key Metrics: The Ultimate AI Model Performance Rankings
14:06A Hugging Face Chat assistant to tell us what are the chemicals inside of Cannabis Sativa
13:55Demystifying AI Lingo: LLM vs. LLM Agent
13:53Local Ollama/bakllava doing Image Recognition…
13:03Catastrophic Forgetting // is FT isn’t the answer?
12:53Is your selected LLM ready for production? Check these latency metrics first than decide
12:20A Leap Towards Human-Like AI: Recreating Human Memory in LLMs
11:51Battle of the AI Giants: Claude 3.5 Sonnet vs. GPT-4o
11:45UT Austin Researchers Introduce PUTNAMBENCH: A Comprehensive AI Benchmark for Evaluating the Capabilities of Neural Theorem-Provers with Putnam Mathematical Problems
11:35Exploring GraphRAG: A Novel Approach in LLM Discovery
11:15MUSE: A Comprehensive AI Framework for Evaluating Machine Unlearning in Language Models
10:55Creating a Custom Language Model with Llama 3: A Working Example
10:05Labophase AI test & experience (free!)
10:01Protecting User Privacy: PII Masking in Llama Index Node Post-Processor
09:55Knowledge/language maps // better answers for LLM/RAG
09:36This AI Paper from Google AI Introduces FLAMe: A Foundational Large Autorater Model for Reliable and Efficient LLM Evaluation
09:22Free Chat GPT-4o mini – No sign-up, Unlimited, Advanced AI
09:06LORA-based agents & how to study them
09:00Researchers from the University of Auckland Introduced ChatLogic: Enhancing Multi-Step Reasoning in Large Language Models with Over 50% Accuracy Improvement in Complex Tasks
08:46THIS is how LLM’s are fine-tuned in industry
08:45The Dark Side of AI and ML: Security Risks and Ethical Concerns
07:59LLMs for Autonomous agents
06:57Open then Closed: an approach to LLM-Based Judgements in your products
06:47Mastering LLM Re-ranking with Direct Preference Optimization
06:46Q-GaLore | Memory-efficient Pre-training and Fine-tuning
06:45NeedleBench: A Customizable Dataset Framework that Includes Tasks for Evaluating the Bilingual Long-Context Capabilities of LLMs Across Multiple Length Intervals
06:42Coding Deepseek-V2 from Scratch in PyTorch
06:36Understanding Quantization: A Guide to Optimizing Model Efficiency
06:34Mistral NeMo 12B — A comprehensive look at the next-generation enterprise AI model
06:32EM-LLM: A Novel and Flexible Architecture that Integrates Key Aspects of Human Episodic Memory and Event Cognition into Transformer-based Language Models
06:19Voice Analysis in Recruitments
05:40Is Generative AI Boosting Individual Creativity but  Reducing Collective Novelty?
05:26From Bujji’s Chit-Chat in Kalki 2898 AD to Real Conversations: What Are Large Language Models(LLMs)…
04:38Enhancing Long-Horizon Reasoning and Generation with Retrieval-Augmented Thoughts (RAT): A Deep…
04:37Beyond Automation: The Rise of AI Agents and Their Transformative Power
03:56The Dark Side of Generative AI: How Automation is Undermining Online Content
03:44Understanding Positional Embeddings in Transformers: From Absolute to Rotary
03:29Why Fine-Tuning is a Thing of the Past: The Rise of RAG
02:57Boost Your Chatbot’s IQ with LLaMA 3 and RAG
01:17LLM evaluations; Measure what matters
00:12Weather App with Mistral Function Call
00:09Q-Sparse: A New Artificial Intelligence AI Approach to Enable Full Sparsity of Activations in LLMs
00:04AI & the Kings speech: July 2024
Friday, 2024-07-19
23:52UK AI is only growing..
23:05Battling Open Book Exams with Open Source LLMs
22:58Synthetic Data.. When, Why and How?
22:52Mamba vs. GPT: The Battle of AI Architectures
22:01Fine-Tuning and Evaluating Large Language Models: Key Benchmarks and Metrics
21:56Advanced Strategies for Effective Prompt Design
21:22What’s required to build a one-person billion-dollar company?
21:14Unifying Text and Structure to Enhance GNNs on Text-Augmented Graphs
21:06Can the New Mathstral LLM Accurately Compare 9.11 and 9.9?
20:30A Evolução do ChatGPT: Como Ele Se Tornou o que É Hoje em uma Explicação Simples e Divertida
20:02Large Language Model Training Pipeline For NLP Text Classification
19:58Fine-tuning Llama-3 to get 90% of GPT-4's performance at a fraction of the cost
19:53Showdown of Smart Search Systems: Pinecone vs. AI Search
19:49How memory works in large language models
19:35The AI Revolution in Engineering: Redefining Roles or Reinforcing Expertise?
19:29Snowflake-Arctic-Embed-m-v1.5 Released: A 109M Parameters Groundbreaking Text Embedding Model with Enhanced Compression and Performance Capabilities
19:28AI paid for by Ads – the GPT-4o mini inflection point
19:23How to improve your LLM application without fine tuning.
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