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Best Uncensored LLMs. Top-Ranked Uncensored Large Language Models. Was this list helpful?

Explore the expansive world of the best uncensored LLM models on our platform. The power of uncensored LLMs lies in their ability to process a broader range of data, including sensitive and complex topics, making them a cornerstone in fields that demand a deep understanding of nuanced language. Unlike standard models, our best uncensored LLM offers unparalleled insights into varied contexts, enhancing accuracy and relevance in fields like legal analysis, medical research, and creative writing.

Engaging with uncensored LLM online opens up opportunities for innovation in content creation and analysis, as these models are not hindered by traditional content filters. This allows for more creative and diverse outputs, essential in creative industries and in academic research. Moreover, the adaptability of uncensored LLMs means they can be tailored to specific needs, offering customizable moderation strategies that align with different organizational values and ethics.

Our platform provides access to some of the best uncensored LLMs available, designed to handle real-world scenarios effectively. Whether you are a researcher, content creator, or tech enthusiast, our uncensored LLM models offer the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to excel in today’s fast-paced, information-rich environment. Visit us to explore the possibilities and advance your work with the cutting-edge technology of uncensored LLMs.

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Best Uncensored LLMs. Top-Ranked Uncensored Large Language Models.
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Model Name Maintainer Size Score VRAM (GB) Quantized License Context Len Likes Downloads Modified Languages Architectures
— Large Language Model
— Adapter
— Code-Generating Model
— Listed on LMSys Arena Bot ELO Rating
— Original Model
— Merged Model
— Instruction-Based Model
— Quantized Model
— Finetuned Model
— Mixture-Of-Experts
Table Headers Explained  
  • Name — The title and maintainer account associated with the model.
  • Params — The number of parameters used in the model.
  • Score — The model's score depending on the selected rating (default is the Open LLM Leaderboard on HuggingFace).
  • Likes — The number of "likes" given to the model by users.
  • VRAM — The number of GB required to load the model into the memory. It is not the actual required amount of RAM for inference, but could be used as a reference.
  • Downloads — The total number of downloads for the model.
  • Quantized — Specifies whether the model is quantized.
  • CodeGen — Specifies whether the model can recognize or infer source code.
  • License — The type of license associated with the model.
  • Languages — The list of languages supported by the model (where specified).
  • Maintainer — The author or maintainer of the model.
  • Architectures — The transformer architecture used in the model.
  • Context Len — The content length supported by the model.
  • Tags — The list of tags specified by the model's maintainer.

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Original data from HuggingFace, OpenCompass and various public git repos.
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