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Koquality Ko Ref Llama2 7B by DILAB-HYU

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  Autotrain compatible Base model:hyunseoki/ko-ref-ll...   Dataset:dilab-hyu/koquality   Endpoints compatible   Ko   Koquality   Llama   Pytorch   Region:us   Sharded

Rank the Koquality Ko Ref Llama2 7B Capabilities

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Instruction Following and Task Automation  
Factuality and Completeness of Knowledge  
Censorship and Alignment  
Data Analysis and Insight Generation  
Text Generation  
Text Summarization and Feature Extraction  
Code Generation  
Multi-Language Support and Translation  
Koquality Ko Ref Llama2 7B (DILAB-HYU/koquality-ko-ref-llama2-7b)

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Note: green Score (e.g. "73.2") means that the model is better than DILAB-HYU/koquality-ko-ref-llama2-7b.

Koquality Ko Ref Llama2 7B Parameters and Internals

LLM NameKoquality Ko Ref Llama2 7B
RepositoryOpen on ๐Ÿค— 
Base Model(s)  Ko Ref Llama2 7B   hyunseoki/ko-ref-llama2-7b
Model Size7b
Required VRAM27 GB
Model Typellama
Model Files  9.9 GB: 1-of-3   9.9 GB: 2-of-3   7.2 GB: 3-of-3
Supported Languagesko
Model ArchitectureLlamaForCausalLM
Context Length2048
Model Max Length2048
Transformers Version4.34.1
Tokenizer ClassLlamaTokenizer
Vocabulary Size32000
Initializer Range0.02
Torch Data Typefloat32
Original data from HuggingFace, OpenCompass and various public git repos.
Release v2024022003