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LLaMA2 13B TiefighterLR GPTQ by TheBloke

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  4-bit   Autotrain compatible Base model:koboldai/llama2-13b...   Gptq   License:llama2   Llama   Quantized   Region:us   Safetensors

Rank the LLaMA2 13B TiefighterLR GPTQ Capabilities

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Instruction Following and Task Automation  
Factuality and Completeness of Knowledge  
Censorship and Alignment  
Data Analysis and Insight Generation  
Text Generation  
Text Summarization and Feature Extraction  
Code Generation  
Multi-Language Support and Translation  
LLaMA2 13B TiefighterLR GPTQ (TheBloke/LLaMA2-13B-TiefighterLR-GPTQ)

Best Alternatives to LLaMA2 13B TiefighterLR GPTQ

Best Alternatives
HF Rank
CarbonVillain En 10.7B V174.284K / 21.4 GB35215
You Can Cry Snowman 13B69.464K / 53.4 GB28840
Psyfighter2 Orca2 13B Ties63.484K / 26.1 GB22451
Orca2 13B Selfmerge 26B62.244K / 26 GB18332
Orca2 13B Selfmerge 39B62.244K / 26 GB18521
Orca 2 13B F1662.144K / 26 GB19700
Solarized 13B DPO62.054K / 24.9 GB13061
Tigerbot 13B Chat V261.972K / 26.7 GB27
Orca 2 13B Alpaca Uncensored61.634K / 26 GB5022
Speechless Llama2 13B61.364K / 26.7 GB24504
Note: green Score (e.g. "73.2") means that the model is better than TheBloke/LLaMA2-13B-TiefighterLR-GPTQ.

LLaMA2 13B TiefighterLR GPTQ Parameters and Internals

LLM NameLLaMA2 13B TiefighterLR GPTQ
RepositoryOpen on ๐Ÿค— 
Model NameLlama2 13B TiefighterLR
Model CreatorKoboldAI
Base Model(s)  LLaMA2 13B TiefighterLR   KoboldAI/LLaMA2-13B-TiefighterLR
Model Size13b
Required VRAM7.3 GB
Model Typellama
Model Files  7.3 GB
GPTQ QuantizationYes
Quantization Typegptq
Model ArchitectureLlamaForCausalLM
Context Length4096
Model Max Length4096
Transformers Version4.34.1
Tokenizer ClassLlamaTokenizer
Padding Token<unk>
Vocabulary Size32000
Initializer Range0.02
Torch Data Typefloat16
Original data from HuggingFace, OpenCompass and various public git repos.
Release v2024022003