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UNA SimpleSmaug 34B V1beta by fblgit

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  Autotrain compatible Base model:abacusai/smaug-34b-...   Conversational   Dataset:fblgit/simple-math   Dataset:jondurbin/bagel-v0.3   Endpoints compatible   Has space   Juanako   License:apache-2.0   Llama   Region:us   Safetensors   Sharded   Simple-math   Tensorflow   Una

UNA SimpleSmaug 34B V1beta Benchmarks

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Instruction Following and Task Automation  
Factuality and Completeness of Knowledge  
Censorship and Alignment  
Data Analysis and Insight Generation  
Text Generation  
Text Summarization and Feature Extraction  
Code Generation  
Multi-Language Support and Translation  
UNA SimpleSmaug 34B V1beta (fblgit/UNA-SimpleSmaug-34b-v1beta)

Best Alternatives to UNA SimpleSmaug 34B V1beta

Best Alternatives
HF Rank
Smaug 34B V0.177.29195K / 69.2 GB572337
Luminex 32B V0.277.1932K / 68.9 GB798
Luminex 34B V0.177.06195K / 68.9 GB1598
Pearl 34B Ties75.48195K / 67.8 GB1271
Bagel Hermes 34B Slerp75.24195K / 68.9 GB39450
HermesBagel 34B V0.175.154K / 68.9 GB17501
Yi 34B X275.02195K / 68.9 GB13440
MetaMath Bagel DPO 34B74.8195K / 69.2 GB225411
Nontoxic Bagel 34B V0.274.69195K / 68.7 GB226634
Bagel DPO 34B V0.274.5195K / 69.2 GB247681

UNA SimpleSmaug 34B V1beta Parameters and Internals

LLM NameUNA SimpleSmaug 34B V1beta
RepositoryOpen on ๐Ÿค— 
Base Model(s)  Smaug 34B V0.1   abacusai/Smaug-34B-v0.1
Model Size34b
Required VRAM69.2 GB
Model Typellama
Model Files  4.8 GB: 1-of-15   4.8 GB: 2-of-15   5.0 GB: 3-of-15   4.8 GB: 4-of-15   4.8 GB: 5-of-15   5.0 GB: 6-of-15   4.8 GB: 7-of-15   4.8 GB: 8-of-15   5.0 GB: 9-of-15   4.8 GB: 10-of-15   4.8 GB: 11-of-15   5.0 GB: 12-of-15   4.8 GB: 13-of-15   4.8 GB: 14-of-15   1.2 GB: 15-of-15
Model ArchitectureLlamaForCausalLM
Context Length32768
Model Max Length32768
Transformers Version4.37.0.dev0
Tokenizer ClassLlamaTokenizer
Padding Token<unk>
Vocabulary Size64000
Initializer Range0.02
Torch Data Typebfloat16
Original data from HuggingFace, OpenCompass and various public git repos.
Release v2024022003