Yi 1.5 34B Chat GGUF by second-state

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  Autotrain compatible Base model:01-ai/yi-1.5-34b-ch...   Fp16   Gguf   License:other   Llama   Q2   Quantized   Region:us

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Instruction Following and Task Automation  
Factuality and Completeness of Knowledge  
Censorship and Alignment  
Data Analysis and Insight Generation  
Text Generation  
Text Summarization and Feature Extraction  
Code Generation  
Multi-Language Support and Translation  
Yi 1.5 34B Chat GGUF (second-state/Yi-1.5-34B-Chat-GGUF)

Best Alternatives to Yi 1.5 34B Chat GGUF

Best Alternatives
HF Rank
SUS Chat 34B85.038K / 68.9 GB4925115
Yi 34B79.534K / 68.9 GB114071255
SUS Chat 34B GPTQ74.68K / 18.6 GB23
SUS Chat 34B AWQ74.68K / 19.3 GB439
...Hermes 2 Yi 34B 3.0bpw H6 EXL269.74K / 13.9 GB32
...Hermes 2 Yi 34B 4.0bpw H6 EXL269.74K / 18.1 GB44
...ermes 2 Yi 34B 4.65bpw H6 EXL269.74K / 20.7 GB41
...Hermes 2 Yi 34B 5.0bpw H6 EXL269.74K / 22.2 GB41
...atAllInOne Yi 34B 200K V1 GGUF195K / 12.8 GB1510
...Yi Ties 34B V1.0 MLX Q8 0.gguf195K / 36.5 GB1650
Note: green Score (e.g. "73.2") means that the model is better than second-state/Yi-1.5-34B-Chat-GGUF.

Yi 1.5 34B Chat GGUF Parameters and Internals

LLM NameYi 1.5 34B Chat GGUF
RepositoryOpen on ๐Ÿค— 
Model NameYi-1.5-34B-Chat
Model Creator01-ai
Base Model(s)  Yi 1.5 34B Chat   01-ai/Yi-1.5-34B-Chat
Model Size34b
Required VRAM4.5 GB
Model Typellama
Model Files  12.8 GB   18.1 GB   16.7 GB   15.0 GB   19.5 GB   20.7 GB   19.6 GB   23.7 GB   24.3 GB   23.7 GB   28.2 GB   36.5 GB   32.2 GB: 1-of-3   32.1 GB: 2-of-3   4.5 GB: 3-of-3
GGUF QuantizationYes
Quantization Typefp16|gguf|q2|q4_k|q5_k
Model ArchitectureLlamaForCausalLM
Context Length4096
Model Max Length4096
Transformers Version4.40.0
Vocabulary Size64000
Initializer Range0.02
Torch Data Typebfloat16

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